Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hey there,
I'm Myesha, a 17 year old non-typical Essex girl ;) Just kidding.. Kinda..
Just a little milk bottle with nothing fake about me, I hope?
Well, there's not really much to say about me..
I've recently qualified as a Level 2 beauty therapist and hoping to progress further in the world of beauty,

I love food and beauty, so I will be posting a lot about these two topics mainly, along with some other bits and pieces. I love me some FOOD!!
I am also a huge Marvel fan and have been since I can remember, also a bit of a nerd when it come to mythical creatures, gods and goddesses and I love history of all time periods.. I'm a bit of an oddball to be honest..I'm hoping to visit the Natural History museum in London soon :D

Well I hope over time I can reveal my true and proper self through this blog, so to whoever reads this, you can get to know me.

Have fun and enjoy the small things

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